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Unique Complexions Skincare

“Pink Rose” Bikini Serum

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Our luxury post wax serum is a favorite of all of our wax clients post and pre hair removal. This serum is a staple in any pre or post hair removal routine. Our Bikini Serum works to reduce dead skin build up, hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone, razor bumps , overall brightens and lightens the skin to avoid discoloration and dryness post hair removal. Works best to soothe, calm and tone after shaving,  body waxing and or laser hair removal.



  • Pink Rose  Bikini Serum can be used pre and post wax
  • Pink Rose  Bikini Serum is safe to use from head to toe 
  • Pink Rose  Bikini Serum is best used at night on clean skin
  • Pink Rose  Bikini Serum can be used with or without the  removal of hair (Everyone Can Benefit From Our Products)
  • Pink Rose  Bikini Serum is sold in travel friendly sizes 
  • Pink Rose  Bikini Serum is made for all skin types


Why Choose Our Pink Rose Bikini Line ?

  • We Only Use 100% Plant Based Ingredients (Natural Ingredients) 
  • We Are Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • We Never Use Artificial Fragrance, Dyes or Colors
  • Our Bikini Products are PH Balanced 
  • You Will See Results; and that's Our Complexion Promise  


Star Ingredients: 

  • Made with salicylic acid keeping your kitty free from excessive oils that clogs pores decreasing ingrown hairs, boils and bumps.
  • Tea tree extract for antibacterial and anti fungal properties.
  • Lactic Acid is loosen dead skin cells to aid in the removal of dead skin cells gently and throughly. Revealing soft , healthy and brighter skin.
  • 100% Pure Rose Water & Rose Extract for skin hydration and skin soothing this yoni polish will be your yonis best friend.


Do Not Put Inside The Vagina this product is FOR EXTERNAL USE 


Full Ingredients List: Distilled Water, Pure Aloe Vera, Pure Cucumber , Organic Lavender, Colloidal Oatmeal, Glycerin , Pure Rose Water , Rose Extract, Tea Tree Extract , 1% Lactic Acid , 1% Salicylic Acid from 100% pure Willow Bark and citric acid.


Please Note **Due to our products being handmade in small batches. Each batch color may vary due to varying reasons. However our product is always produced to be consistent in quality and experience* Thank You For Your Continuous Support ~ Unique Complexions Skincare