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Your Local Skintician

Our Mission

My passion for healing others started as a young girl and is what lead me to become a licensed skin therapist. To share the link between wholistic health and skincare grew into my life's mission. Today I am whole heartily living out my passion; gifting my clients the tools they need to heal their body from the inside out and to restore their confidence. Showing them that they are beautiful with in their unique skin.

About The Founder 

Growing up from head to toe I struggled with the severely irritated skin condition called eczema. It lead to me being bullied by those who did not understand my condition. Leaving me depressed, unconfident and like a stranger with in my own body. After many Dermatologist and Physician visits; still no one could help me. I grew frustrated with the sleep less nights, skin infections and hyperpigmentation that was left over from my condition that covered my body.

This is where my interest to take my internal health and external health into my own hands begin.

In 2011 at 15 years old I began studying Chinese medicine and fusing it with what I learned from my Caribbean roots. Shortly after I began to master skincare ingredients, cosmetic chemistry and the integumentary system. My findings of the body working in harmony was fascinating and came naturally like speaking a native language. I understood skin like it was breathing and after much trail and error I was able to craft a skincare line that could  significantly improved the appearance of my skin.  I knew I had to share this same experience with other people, especially people who looked and struggled just like me. 

For years it is no secret that us ; people of color suffer from a lack of knowledge on how to best treat and manage our unique skin types , concerns and conditions. Most of what we try ex. chemical peels, DIY skincare, even down to the lack of a individual routine without success can leave behind skin lesions and hyperpigmentation which in some cases can be very difficult to reverse.

After being able to successfully treat my clients skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, aging, eczema , acne , ingrown hairs and sun damage. I can empathize with you and also inform you that you do need a professional. You do need a skincare team who is passionate not only about skin but skin integrdity and a professional who will look at the entire picture like current  health and diet status in order to get you real results. 

I am committed to doing just that and building a treatment plan tailored to treat your unique skin type , skin concerns and skin needs. While also educating, empowering and providing you with results that a filter could never mimic.