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The Acne BootCamp Program

Interested in joining our acne program ?
Clients are required to complete a one on one skin consultation to work with Unique Complexions Skin Studio.
Clients do not have to be located in the DMV to complete the skin consultation process.We offer both virtual and in person skin consultations to ensure acne program eligibilty.
  1. Consultation & Customized Treatment Plan: Based on your consultation, a personalized treatment plan is created to target your unique and specific acne concerns.

  2. Education: Participants are often educated about the underlying causes of acne, skincare best practices, and factors that can exacerbate breakouts. Empowering our clients to maintain long-term skin health.

  3. Product Recommendations: Our acne experts will recommend specific skincare products tailored to the individual's skin type and acne condition.

  4. Bi Weekly Check ins & Adjustments: Throughout the program you will meet with your acne expert in person or virtually to discuss your progress and adjusted your treatment plan as needed.

  5. Support and Accountability: Participants of our acne bootcamp program receive ongoing support and guidance from their acne expert to help them stay motivated.

  6. Maintenance: After completing our acne bootcamp program and achieving desired results, our clients are provided with guidance on how to maintain their clear skin long-term.  Here is where consistency and maintenance of modifications provided to you by your acne expert will help to prevent future breakouts.

Program Price: $600 (Includes Your Customized Skin Regimen and 3 In Clinic Treatments)

Payment Plan Options Are Available For Program: AfterPay

Success rate and results still apply to those who decide to take our program virtually. *Due to the nature of our bootcamp program, clients do receive their products via shipping and bi weekly check ins but do no have scheduled skin treatments.

Virtual Acne Bootcamp FAQ & Answers