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How should I prepare for my Facial Service?

  • Arrive In Comfortable Clothing when receiving a facial at Unique Complexions a Spa Robe is provided for your relaxing pleasure. Examples of comfortable clothing are Tank Tops , Sports Bras and Off The Shoulder Tops are Fine. Avoid T Shirts and Wire Bras if possible as it can be a hassle to remove and replace prior to ans after your service 
  • Wear Minimal to No Makeup / Bare Face we urge our clients for the sake of time allotted for their service to come without wearing minimal makeup. However we know things happens and if you arrive with makeup it will be thoroughly cleansed no problem at all.
  • Wear Minimal or No Jewelry during your facial service at Unique Complexions we add massage of the neck, chest, arms and hands. If you would like to opt out of receiving massage within those areas with jewelry we will avoid them in order to protect your personal item.
  • Avoid Using Strong Active Ingredients Such as BHA’s Retinol and Other Forms of Retin A as these ingredients can cause your skin to be a contraindication. If we suspect that your skin is to compromised due to your routine we would to be rescheduled to a later time.
  • Have a record of current allergies & medications on hand in order to inform your skin therapists. This allows for them to adequately and safely preform your facial service. We will not be held liable if you do not provide accurate information related to items listed above.

How should I prepare for my Body or Waxing Service?

  • Exfoliate with our recommended exfoliating products or gentle scrub cloth / bikini scrub 1 day prior in the area. This allows for a much more cleaner wax and easier hair removal process 

  • Hydrate your body internally and your skin throughly preferably days before but especially the night before with if you have our hydrating serum & silk. Our bikini serum and oil encourage a more comfortable and efficient hair removal experience.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine the day of your appointment as you may feel more discomfort due to the constricted blood vessels.

  • Pregnant Clients: Can definitely receive body waxing service no problem at all. However, pregnant clients may notice they can be a little more sensitive to pressure and pain. This is nothing abnormal or too fear we are trained in delivering a service as comfortable and efficient as possible.
  • Disclose any use of new medication or antibiotics prior to your service
  • Avoid using topical prescriptions, active acids such as AHAs & BHAs or Retinols on the area being treated 5 days prior to and 3-4 Days after service.

  • Waxing on your cycle no problem we are throughly trained to providing a quick and easy service while on your cycle. All we ask is that you please come freshly showered as close to your appointment as possible and with a brand fresh tampon.  (Please be aware that you may feel more pressure or sensitivity during your service but all is well you got this). 
  • Laser hair removal should only be done at least 2 weeks prior 

  • Clients using Accutane or Tretinoin should avoid any waxing services for 6-12 months (consult first with your dermatologist)

  • Never wax over broken or highly irritated skin as it can lead to further skin irritation and damage. Come in to receive recommendations to heal the area and get waxed once the irritation calms down or fully subsided. 

Can I get a wax service and skin care service done with in the same day?

No & Yes, You should not receive a skincare service and waxing service the same day. However we do allow specific loop holes around this. For example No Facial treatment and a wax with in the same area on the same day. It's recommended to wait 7-14 days depending on skin sensitivity level either before or after your wax service to receive a skin service. Yes you can receive a Brazilian Wax and a Facial treatment if time allows since there are two different areas of the body.

If we have the availability, you can book multiple services (ie. eyebrow enhancement, Brazilian wax and back facial, etc.) as an "add on" when you click the desired service on our booking site.

If you still are unsure or have any questions about a service or need help scheduling a appointment contact us directly at our email Support@uniquecomplexions.com so we can best assist you.